Executing your audit in Projects (CPE) (GRC 111 V1)

1 - Basic → Managing Your Audit Using ACL Program


This course teaches you to streamline and maximize your audits using ACL GRC. By performing all of your audit fieldwork within Projects, you'll transform chaotic processes, like managing request items and sign-offs, into sleek, efficient methodologies.

Plus, when you pass the related CPE exam (with 70% or higher), you'll earn a handy 1.5 CPE credits.

This is the first course in the Managing Your Audit Using ACL Program:
1. Executing your audit in Projects (GRC 111)
2. Preparing & analyzing data in Results (GRC 112)
3. Concluding your audit in Projects & Reports (GRC 113)
For an overview of the program, enroll in GRC Foundations Program: Managing your audit with ACL (GRC 101).

Estimated Time: 2 hours Level: Basic CPE: 2 *After passing final exam

  • CPE eligibility
  • Course outline
  • Navigating this course
  • Section 1 | Beginning your audit
  • Creating your training org
  • Creating a project from a project template
  • About Projects
  • Adding entities
  • Section 2 | Performing your audit
  • Performing fieldwork
  • Performing fieldwork offline
  • Managing issue remediation
  • Retesting and closing an issue
  • Managing Requests
  • Integrating Results data with your audit in Projects
  • Review & Course evaluation
  • Review quiz - Executing your audit in Projects
  • Course evaluation
  • CPE exam overview & next steps
  • Next steps
  • Additional resources
  • Appendix
  • Optional - Creating a project (new project method)
Completion rules
  • You must complete 90.00% of the content
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever